Sunday, August 16, 2009

Selling textbooks and books

Buying and selling textbooks online. A great website to sell your textbooks whether they're University, high school, or college textbooks is a great site where you can do this free of charge. Put your classified ad today and convert those old books into cash.

Math Books Ads

There are several reference math books that are always valuable to have even though they may not be the most recent. There are several of these but they should cover the basics in algebra, trigonometry, statistics, and calculus. These will be valuable to anyone studying Engineering, Science, or Finance as these fields will require knowledge of these principles some more than others. The mathematical principles never change and having a good reference book can help a lot when you don’t fully understand a concept using the prescribed textbook in class. Some of these texts can be found in university book shops and online through classifieds.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Bargains in online Classifieds

Online classifieds provide a cost effective advertising medium for anyone to sell their products and services online. It also provides an online advertising forum which give bargain hunters the ability to find great bargains. online classifieds is a good website where many bargains can be found and new products and services are advertised each day. It is a free site to advertise or post a classified ad and users can easily browse through relevant ads in their area or around all of Australia. Next time you are on the lookout for something different and want to find a great bargain give a visit.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

online stores

There are many businesses that have an online store or an e-commerce site. The advantage of this is that they can broaden their customer base and are able to sell virtually world wide, depending on goods and postal/transport arrangements. The success from this online store will greatly depend on how many potential customers visit the site and how many of these potential customers actually purchase something from the web-store. Many stores have very small conversion rates, amount of visitors who actually buy an item, and this is influenced by many factors such as sense of payment security, reputation of the web-retailer, and payment methods. Conversion rates aside, the biggest challenge to any online store or e-commerce site is attracting the desired amount of traffic to achieve certain sales targets and make the store viable.
Many have argued that a site with high search engine rankings have the best results, but I have also seen sites that have achieved great success through word of mouth and not as many search engine visitors. The best approach is to have a balanced marketing approach and work on your existing customer base online through PPC or CPM advertising, posters, SEO, and even using free sources such as online classifieds and free classified sites. These provide a good deal of exposure with minimal outlay.
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Sunday, June 28, 2009

New Textbooks or Second hand

One of the most difficult questions faced by many students when starting a new semester is whether to buy your textbooks new or second hand. Sometimes new textbooks may cost a lot of money, specially when you have to buy several new books. It is best to go to the first week of class without the book and ask the teacher/ lecturer if it is absolutely necessary to purchase the most recent edition of a book, or will a second hand book do the job just as well. If a second hand book can do the job then it will be just a matter of browsing a few classifieds sites, or textbook sites where students actively sell their textbooks online. One of these sites is which is a great classifieds website.. Here you will be able to advertise your textbooks or browse many ads which are selling textbooks from different universities and colleges.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Selling Textbooks online-Classifieds

Buying and Selling your second hand books and textbooks through classified ads is one of the best ways to find a bargain and shop online. It also gives you the opportunity to clean those book shelves of unnecessary books. Classifieds offer a good alternative than through book stores or through a book co-op like some university co-ops, which can charge a very large commission and take a while to sell.
Now is the best time during the year to advertise these textbooks, because students will soon be getting ready to start a new semester and many high school student will also be about to start their second semester. More people looking for textbooks, and a greater market interested in buying second-hand textbooks and books both new and old mean there is a greater opportunity to sell your books. Online classifieds are a great way of advertising your books and textbooks; they’re fast and efficient in putting your ad up and get a fair amount of exposure to potential buyers. A great online classifieds site to sell your textbooks is Selling your books provides extra income at the start of the semester that can be used to offset the cost of buying your new books for the following semester. Classifieds, especially free classifieds offer a great way of advertising your textbooks without incurring any costs and allows you to sell them to people not only in your immediate area but even around the country.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Great bargains when people move houses

When people are moving houses there can be an opportunity to pick up some good bargains. There are some things that people will not be able to take with them to their new homes, worst if this is overseas or interstate. I recently picked up some good bargains from a family moving interstate. This included some coffee tables, a bed and a fridge for a few dollars even though it was close to new. Keep an eye for these type of sales that can yield good bargains.
Online bargains

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Moving out sales

Are you moving out of your house or changing houses? There is always several items that are always left over after packing all the important stuff. This may sometimes include small electronic items such as portable tv's, heaters, and personal items such as clothing or jewelry. Why not sell them if you don't need them or you no longer use them. By doing this you will be able to both get rid of them and make some spare cash. You can advertise them online through an auction website or through a classifieds website. Either has pro's and cons but are both good avenues for selling items.
Classifieds online

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tutoring Services advertised in Classifieds

A common service I have seen advertised on the different classified sites has been tutoring services. These services vary much in types of tutoring subjects and Price. The most common tutoring services advertised in classifieds are those related to maths or science type subjects. Year 12 and VCE tutoring services are widely advertised at rates that vary from 15-50 dollars an hour. This is a wide range as the type of tutoring service offered varies as well. A scan of these tutoring services revealed that group session/ classroom style tutoring sessions are the cheapest but they also may offer the least full support from the tutor or teacher. This study / tutoring sessions, as described in one classified ad we saw, were in a small group of ten students who were all studying the same subject at school such as specialists mathematics. In these type of tutoring sessions students must try and do some work prior to the session as the tutor cannot be expected to spend all the time solving problems or teaching one student in specific. These types of tutoring sessions are increasing in popularity and some have been actively advertising in local classifieds and in web based classifieds.
The other type of tutoring services which is advertised is the one-on–one type of tutoring which has been the norm for some time. These services vary much in price as can be seen in the different type of ads on some classified websites. The most popular services include the ones for difficult subjects such as maths, physics and chemistry. Theses services may cost up to 50 dollars an hour or more depending if the tutoring service is a visiting service or not and if support material is provided by the tutor. For this type of services it is best to trial a number of different tutors for a couple of hours before deciding to embark on a regular study schedule as the quality of these tutors may vary greatly and teaching methods can vary greatly. A good selection of tutors for different subjects can be found in a number of specialized education classifieds or general classifieds popular with students.
Student Classifieds

Monday, May 18, 2009

Wanted classifieds-Let them find you

A few print and online classifieds have a general section named “wanted” ads. These ads are originally intended for use by people who are in search of a specific item or service but are not able to find it readily. They are usually one of the smallest classified categories as they don’t regularly attract advertisers. For a potential advertiser this is a bonus as there are fewer advertisements to compete with for a reader’s attention. In terms of online classifieds, and if ads are displayed on a last ad at top listing, your ad is likely to remain at the top of the category listing.
Another way of viewing wanted ads is a way of receiving offers for a service or good that you are interested in buying. This would be a process similar to a tender process. For example if you want to renovate your bathroom, you may place a wanted classified ad in the local paper or online and expect that potential tradesmen or bathroom/interior linings & fittings businesses to contact you and offer their services. If after putting the ad onto your preferred classified media you may be contacted from different people or businesses that are able to perform the job. This will then give you, the purchaser, the upper hand in evaluating the option that best suits your needs and you are able to negotiate the price of your preferred option by presenting quotes or prices from his/her competitors. Apart from having this advantage you are able to save time and money in calling and researching different tradesmen or businesses that are able to do the job for you.
The effectiveness of this approach will depend on which classified newspaper or classifieds website you place your wanted ad and their amount of readers that go through that section. This may not be an effective classified advertising technique on lower traffic sites or on papers with lower circulation numbers and the demographic of users. In reality the best solution will come from both placing a wanted ad, which will lower the amount of looking you have to do to identify good candidates for the jobs, and doing some investigation into potential options yourself. Whichever approach you use it is best to not discount the wanted section of a classified section in newspapers and or websites, as these can eventually save you time in looking for what you ultimately need or want.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Online safety with classifieds

When posting an ad on any form of classified as the advertiser or seller you have to provide at least one contact phone number, email, or address. By doing this you are potentially exposing yourself to spam emails or prank calls. It is highly recommended that this contact number or email is one that could easily be replaced or ditched in case this does happen. Not many advertisers include a landline, unless they are an established business with a phone line dedicated to the daily business inquiries. The best is to set up an email with a free provider separate to your personal email in order to deal with inquiries if you are selling something, this email can be easily replaced or ditched if people do decide to play any games. Remember that either advertising in newspaper classifieds can be easily as risky as online, so taking the appropriate precautions is the best way of preventing any problems.

Monday, May 11, 2009

New cars specials

New car dealers are doing it tough in this current economic environment and I have seen many specials and deals advertised in several classified and auto websites. Now is probably the best time to pick up great bargains on new cars, or to bargain with the dealer for some extra sweeteners such as alloy rims, better interior trimmings, and sound systems. A great number of dealers have a glut of new cars to clear before the financial year. Taking into account that it hasn't been the best year for sales, many dealers will want to make up for low sales volumes in these next two months. It is worthwhile to scan the newspapers and online classified sites if you are indeed in the market for a new car. Remember that at the moment its a buyers market so don't be scared to bargain the price or features in your favor.
Online classifieds

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Rental market in Melbourne

Scanning through some local classifieds I couldn't help noticing an increase in rental prices in Melbourne even within the same suburbs for rental rooms. The rental market has still kept strong in many parts of Australia due to the shortage of new dwellings being built to accommodate the influx of migrants to the nation's cities. This in turn is pushing rents higher in some sought after suburbs, specially close to universities and other educational centers. It isn't common to see people renting out rooms in classifieds to students for 550+ a month, not including bills. This placing bigger costs on students and families wishing to rent in these areas.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Increase in services advertising

The service industry seems to be trying to combat the effects of the downturn by using free advertising mediums a lot more recently. The surge in educational services and trade services seem to be the ones advertising the most.
free ads

Friday, May 8, 2009

Services classified advertising

When offering a service through a classified advertisement, whether its online or in print you should use the same approach as when you are selling a general item or good. The ad should have the appropriate title and a brief explanation of the service, a unique or differentiating factor of your business and price.
Recently I have seen a few classifieds that were advertising cleaning services. The ads were clearly trying to convince the reader to utilize these services in question, a little bit too much. One must be careful in making outstanding promises and utilizing selling phrases like " the best service around", "cheap as chips". This may send the wrong message depending on what your service is. You must analyze who your target market is and know what they are looking for. Once you have this information you then structure a classified ad to convey your service and why your service is better for the consumer over the competition.
It is no use trying to include as many selling catch phrases into your ad as this will make it look unprofessional and even suspiscious. Marketing is an art and those who learn how to harness the proper use of the different promotional avenues such as classifieds will be able to implement a more effective marketing strategy.
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Thursday, May 7, 2009

classified headings and titles

I have recently noticed that a number of online classified do not have an appropriate title that defines what the seller is offering or it lacks any convincing style for the reader to pay any interest. A correctly structured title can attract more readers to keep reading the ad, make sure the ad title can catch the attention of your target market so that you are able to convert more classified viewers into buyers.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Painting income on the side. How to advertise these services?

I was recently talking to a freind and found out that on weekends and his days off he has been doing painting jobs for word of mouth customers and making the equivalent of 1/3 of his total income from this. The interesting thing is that he now only uses word of mouth but when he started classified ads in local papers and online classified were his main advertising mediums. This shows the advertising power you can achieve through these advertising medium.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Earning an income from your free time.

Many people are making a little extra income on top of their regular jobs through weekend or day-off trade work. Some of these people might work during the week and on the weekend they are able to do odd jobs such as painting, lawn, plumbing or even handyman jobs in their free time. This is now becoming common among shift workers who work rotating shifts and/or have lost shift hours due to the economic downturn giving them more free time. In many cases these odd jobs are sourced through word of mouth or other forms of free advertising, such as local classifieds, ad boards or online classifieds. This is another great way to make money in your free time and use free classified advertising to your advantage.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Budget Accommodation 2

As discussed earlier about the trend in holiday house or budget accommodation appearing more in online classifieds. A recent scan through a couple of these sites can throw up some good bargains even during peak holiday periods. Some Australian classified sites have several listings in Vic and NSW coastal town and even some of the alpine areas are starting to advertise as well for the coming snow season. It might really be worthwhile having a look at a couple of online classifieds if you’re looking at booking a holiday soon.

Budget Accommodation

A recent interesting trend that I have noticed on several classified websites recently has been the appearance of holiday homes or budget accommodation rooms available in coastal, or holiday towns. Many people in these towns are willing to convert their home into a holiday rental house and create an income stream from it when it is being unused. This trend has also been rising in tandem with people holidaying more locally and domestically instead of an overseas holiday. This type of rental properties is starting to appear more in online classifieds.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Second Hand Building Materials

Many new home owners or recent renovators are likely to have some spare building materials lying in the garage, shed or backyard. With suppliers passing on price increases in most new building materials, these unused materials can prove valuable to the DIY market.The DIY market is large and particularly price sensitive as the quantity of material that they require is relatively low, just enough for small projects around the house. It is quite easy to convert these unused materials into cash by advertising them online through classified or auction sites. This has become much more popular after the recent building boom that we have seen. These days it is common to see left-over building materials advertised on classified websites or print classifieds throughout the country. Just another way to make a few dollars out of things lying around the house.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Luxury car ads

There has recently been a lot of luxury cars come onto the used car market as can be seen in the different car classified sites. Some of these vendors are keen to offload their precious autos in order to raise cash or to repay debt they took out in order to purchase them. Now is a great time to scan the car classifieds for some great bargains if you are able to afford a new car. Chances are you can pick up a great deal on a European or sports car.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Car classifieds

Car classifieds in Australia must have the registration number or the Vin number of the car displayed on the ad. Many private classifieds both online and on flyers or posters do not have this information. This could put the seller into a lot of trouble with authorities. In putting the rego number or the vin number you are providing an identity to the car your are selling. Potential buyers can then use this information to check that the car has no fines, suspensions, or legal issues regarding the seller or previous owner. It is important we keep this in mind when posting car classifieds.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Classifieds structure

After studying the different types of classified ads in the University textbook market, it is quite apparent that there are a huge number of books which aren't being sold.
One of the many factors which I will post about today is the structure of how a classified ad for a textbook should be written. The structure of the ad is important, and will not always be the same for everything that you are selling.
A textbook classified should have the Book title followed by the course code of the subject where it will be used (both in bold), followed by the author, book condition, selling price, and your contact details. If the classified has this information it can quickly catch the attention of someone who is looking for that book. It is preferable if it's a paper ad that it be typed on a computer, or if it's online it is posted on a relevant classified website.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Text book classifieds

Text book classified ads are the advertising media where books can be advertised or sold. This is another marketing alternative where buyers and sellers can meet to trade their books. The traditional way of selling and buying any books is through a normal bookshop or any second-hand bookshop. Nowadays, it is pretty common that both the seller and buyer meet online.

Usually, a book shop takes a small portion of the selling price as a fee to help the authors to sell their books and thus, the books are usually more expensive than they are supposed to be. That rule applies to the second- hand bookshops too. Sometimes, the buyers can take advantage of online media such as classifieds to buy the book that they want overseas or from a cheaper supplier. Different online media such as online book stores or classifieds usually have a wider range of book selection and not surprisingly they can be cheaper due to the different exchange rates and lower overhead costs. The only thing that the sellers or buyers need to consider is the online registration (if any) and delivery fee.

There are some online classifieds which do not take any fee from either the sellers or the buyers of the book. They are easy and simple to use, the seller or buyer just simply need to sign up and they can post classified ads straightaway. Usually the buyers are just required to put up their ads including all the details information about the book for e.g. price, condition and etc. Buyers will contact the seller if they are interested in the book and want to know more about it. If both of them have agreed on the price, they will just set a place to meet and complete the transaction.

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