Tuesday, July 14, 2009

online stores

There are many businesses that have an online store or an e-commerce site. The advantage of this is that they can broaden their customer base and are able to sell virtually world wide, depending on goods and postal/transport arrangements. The success from this online store will greatly depend on how many potential customers visit the site and how many of these potential customers actually purchase something from the web-store. Many stores have very small conversion rates, amount of visitors who actually buy an item, and this is influenced by many factors such as sense of payment security, reputation of the web-retailer, and payment methods. Conversion rates aside, the biggest challenge to any online store or e-commerce site is attracting the desired amount of traffic to achieve certain sales targets and make the store viable.
Many have argued that a site with high search engine rankings have the best results, but I have also seen sites that have achieved great success through word of mouth and not as many search engine visitors. The best approach is to have a balanced marketing approach and work on your existing customer base online through PPC or CPM advertising, posters, SEO, and even using free sources such as online classifieds and free classified sites. These provide a good deal of exposure with minimal outlay.
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