Friday, May 8, 2009

Services classified advertising

When offering a service through a classified advertisement, whether its online or in print you should use the same approach as when you are selling a general item or good. The ad should have the appropriate title and a brief explanation of the service, a unique or differentiating factor of your business and price.
Recently I have seen a few classifieds that were advertising cleaning services. The ads were clearly trying to convince the reader to utilize these services in question, a little bit too much. One must be careful in making outstanding promises and utilizing selling phrases like " the best service around", "cheap as chips". This may send the wrong message depending on what your service is. You must analyze who your target market is and know what they are looking for. Once you have this information you then structure a classified ad to convey your service and why your service is better for the consumer over the competition.
It is no use trying to include as many selling catch phrases into your ad as this will make it look unprofessional and even suspiscious. Marketing is an art and those who learn how to harness the proper use of the different promotional avenues such as classifieds will be able to implement a more effective marketing strategy.
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