Monday, May 18, 2009

Wanted classifieds-Let them find you

A few print and online classifieds have a general section named “wanted” ads. These ads are originally intended for use by people who are in search of a specific item or service but are not able to find it readily. They are usually one of the smallest classified categories as they don’t regularly attract advertisers. For a potential advertiser this is a bonus as there are fewer advertisements to compete with for a reader’s attention. In terms of online classifieds, and if ads are displayed on a last ad at top listing, your ad is likely to remain at the top of the category listing.
Another way of viewing wanted ads is a way of receiving offers for a service or good that you are interested in buying. This would be a process similar to a tender process. For example if you want to renovate your bathroom, you may place a wanted classified ad in the local paper or online and expect that potential tradesmen or bathroom/interior linings & fittings businesses to contact you and offer their services. If after putting the ad onto your preferred classified media you may be contacted from different people or businesses that are able to perform the job. This will then give you, the purchaser, the upper hand in evaluating the option that best suits your needs and you are able to negotiate the price of your preferred option by presenting quotes or prices from his/her competitors. Apart from having this advantage you are able to save time and money in calling and researching different tradesmen or businesses that are able to do the job for you.
The effectiveness of this approach will depend on which classified newspaper or classifieds website you place your wanted ad and their amount of readers that go through that section. This may not be an effective classified advertising technique on lower traffic sites or on papers with lower circulation numbers and the demographic of users. In reality the best solution will come from both placing a wanted ad, which will lower the amount of looking you have to do to identify good candidates for the jobs, and doing some investigation into potential options yourself. Whichever approach you use it is best to not discount the wanted section of a classified section in newspapers and or websites, as these can eventually save you time in looking for what you ultimately need or want.

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