Sunday, June 28, 2009

New Textbooks or Second hand

One of the most difficult questions faced by many students when starting a new semester is whether to buy your textbooks new or second hand. Sometimes new textbooks may cost a lot of money, specially when you have to buy several new books. It is best to go to the first week of class without the book and ask the teacher/ lecturer if it is absolutely necessary to purchase the most recent edition of a book, or will a second hand book do the job just as well. If a second hand book can do the job then it will be just a matter of browsing a few classifieds sites, or textbook sites where students actively sell their textbooks online. One of these sites is which is a great classifieds website.. Here you will be able to advertise your textbooks or browse many ads which are selling textbooks from different universities and colleges.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Selling Textbooks online-Classifieds

Buying and Selling your second hand books and textbooks through classified ads is one of the best ways to find a bargain and shop online. It also gives you the opportunity to clean those book shelves of unnecessary books. Classifieds offer a good alternative than through book stores or through a book co-op like some university co-ops, which can charge a very large commission and take a while to sell.
Now is the best time during the year to advertise these textbooks, because students will soon be getting ready to start a new semester and many high school student will also be about to start their second semester. More people looking for textbooks, and a greater market interested in buying second-hand textbooks and books both new and old mean there is a greater opportunity to sell your books. Online classifieds are a great way of advertising your books and textbooks; they’re fast and efficient in putting your ad up and get a fair amount of exposure to potential buyers. A great online classifieds site to sell your textbooks is Selling your books provides extra income at the start of the semester that can be used to offset the cost of buying your new books for the following semester. Classifieds, especially free classifieds offer a great way of advertising your textbooks without incurring any costs and allows you to sell them to people not only in your immediate area but even around the country.