Thursday, April 30, 2009

Second Hand Building Materials

Many new home owners or recent renovators are likely to have some spare building materials lying in the garage, shed or backyard. With suppliers passing on price increases in most new building materials, these unused materials can prove valuable to the DIY market.The DIY market is large and particularly price sensitive as the quantity of material that they require is relatively low, just enough for small projects around the house. It is quite easy to convert these unused materials into cash by advertising them online through classified or auction sites. This has become much more popular after the recent building boom that we have seen. These days it is common to see left-over building materials advertised on classified websites or print classifieds throughout the country. Just another way to make a few dollars out of things lying around the house.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Luxury car ads

There has recently been a lot of luxury cars come onto the used car market as can be seen in the different car classified sites. Some of these vendors are keen to offload their precious autos in order to raise cash or to repay debt they took out in order to purchase them. Now is a great time to scan the car classifieds for some great bargains if you are able to afford a new car. Chances are you can pick up a great deal on a European or sports car.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Car classifieds

Car classifieds in Australia must have the registration number or the Vin number of the car displayed on the ad. Many private classifieds both online and on flyers or posters do not have this information. This could put the seller into a lot of trouble with authorities. In putting the rego number or the vin number you are providing an identity to the car your are selling. Potential buyers can then use this information to check that the car has no fines, suspensions, or legal issues regarding the seller or previous owner. It is important we keep this in mind when posting car classifieds.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Classifieds structure

After studying the different types of classified ads in the University textbook market, it is quite apparent that there are a huge number of books which aren't being sold.
One of the many factors which I will post about today is the structure of how a classified ad for a textbook should be written. The structure of the ad is important, and will not always be the same for everything that you are selling.
A textbook classified should have the Book title followed by the course code of the subject where it will be used (both in bold), followed by the author, book condition, selling price, and your contact details. If the classified has this information it can quickly catch the attention of someone who is looking for that book. It is preferable if it's a paper ad that it be typed on a computer, or if it's online it is posted on a relevant classified website.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Text book classifieds

Text book classified ads are the advertising media where books can be advertised or sold. This is another marketing alternative where buyers and sellers can meet to trade their books. The traditional way of selling and buying any books is through a normal bookshop or any second-hand bookshop. Nowadays, it is pretty common that both the seller and buyer meet online.

Usually, a book shop takes a small portion of the selling price as a fee to help the authors to sell their books and thus, the books are usually more expensive than they are supposed to be. That rule applies to the second- hand bookshops too. Sometimes, the buyers can take advantage of online media such as classifieds to buy the book that they want overseas or from a cheaper supplier. Different online media such as online book stores or classifieds usually have a wider range of book selection and not surprisingly they can be cheaper due to the different exchange rates and lower overhead costs. The only thing that the sellers or buyers need to consider is the online registration (if any) and delivery fee.

There are some online classifieds which do not take any fee from either the sellers or the buyers of the book. They are easy and simple to use, the seller or buyer just simply need to sign up and they can post classified ads straightaway. Usually the buyers are just required to put up their ads including all the details information about the book for e.g. price, condition and etc. Buyers will contact the seller if they are interested in the book and want to know more about it. If both of them have agreed on the price, they will just set a place to meet and complete the transaction.

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