Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tutoring Services advertised in Classifieds

A common service I have seen advertised on the different classified sites has been tutoring services. These services vary much in types of tutoring subjects and Price. The most common tutoring services advertised in classifieds are those related to maths or science type subjects. Year 12 and VCE tutoring services are widely advertised at rates that vary from 15-50 dollars an hour. This is a wide range as the type of tutoring service offered varies as well. A scan of these tutoring services revealed that group session/ classroom style tutoring sessions are the cheapest but they also may offer the least full support from the tutor or teacher. This study / tutoring sessions, as described in one classified ad we saw, were in a small group of ten students who were all studying the same subject at school such as specialists mathematics. In these type of tutoring sessions students must try and do some work prior to the session as the tutor cannot be expected to spend all the time solving problems or teaching one student in specific. These types of tutoring sessions are increasing in popularity and some have been actively advertising in local classifieds and in web based classifieds.
The other type of tutoring services which is advertised is the one-on–one type of tutoring which has been the norm for some time. These services vary much in price as can be seen in the different type of ads on some classified websites. The most popular services include the ones for difficult subjects such as maths, physics and chemistry. Theses services may cost up to 50 dollars an hour or more depending if the tutoring service is a visiting service or not and if support material is provided by the tutor. For this type of services it is best to trial a number of different tutors for a couple of hours before deciding to embark on a regular study schedule as the quality of these tutors may vary greatly and teaching methods can vary greatly. A good selection of tutors for different subjects can be found in a number of specialized education classifieds or general classifieds popular with students.
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